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Steve Papa
Steve Papa is not a jack of all trades. He's a master of one. Student housing.
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"Our goal is to grow better, not just bigger. With only two principals, we can respond to our customers' needs and market changes rapidly."

Dick Davis

Developing on-campus housing is like searching for buried treasure. Dick Davis brings the map.

His clients know the value on-campus housing brings to their schools, but they don't always know how to get there.

With more than 25 years in public finance, Dick understands the importance of developing pro-forma financial statements to ensure investors buy the underlying bonds. Along with partner Steve Papa, he also understands that the promise of positive cash flow puts colleges' boards of directors at ease.

But he also gets that finances are just one part of the student housing picture.

Student Suites manages all the angles—design, build, and finance—and we make sure your project contributes to your culture, your campus, and your revenues.