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Dick Davis
Developing on-campus housing is like searching for buried treasure. Dick Davis brings the map.
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Steve Papa
Steve Papa is not a jack of all trades. He's a master of one. Student housing.
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6 Reasons to Choose
Student Suites

1. National experience.
Student Suites, founded 1996, draws on our experience,
expertise, architects, contractors, financial experts, and your
preferred partners to create the best team—and best student
housing project possible.

2. We're committed to your campus needs.
A strategic recruitment tool and immediate revenue stream, Student Suites develops housing that fits your needs and prepares your students for academic success.

3. Student housing is our business.
It's our only business. Whether this is your first project or you're adding to existing facilities, Student Suites develops quality, profitable housing for your students and campus.

4. Personal service and attention.
Our goal is to grow better, not just bigger. We limit our number of projects, so we can focus our attention on yours. You can always reach one of our principals, 24/7.

5. Balanced approach.
The success of your project depends on so much more than a building. Student Suites' turn-key approach to design-build-finance places that responsibility in our hands. Our team delivers your project on time, on budget, and ready for your students.

6. Personalized touch.
Your student housing says something about your students and your campus. We listen. In all our projects, Student Suites gives your students the features they want, from computer labs to fitness centers to beauty parlors.