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Dick Davis
Developing on-campus housing is like searching for buried treasure. Dick Davis brings the map.
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"We choose to get to know our customers professionally and personally—because we know that building long-lasting relationships is the secret to building long-term success."

Steve Papa

Steve Papa is not a jack of all trades. He's a master of one. Student housing.

That's not to say that Steve hasn't reached far and deep into the world of property development. He has. Steve spent eight years as a commercial real estate broker. And hes developed apartment complexes, movie theaters, and high-tech warehouses.

But when he started Student Suites with Dick Davis in 1996, he wanted to focus on one thing: creating the right student housing for each of his clients.

Sure, one of Steve's goals is to build Students Suites into the expert on student housing. But floating above that goal is Steve's core principle: to build long-lasting relationships with each of his clients.