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Dick Davis
Developing on-campus housing is like searching for buried treasure. Dick Davis brings the map.
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Steve Papa
Steve Papa is not a jack of all trades. He's a master of one. Student housing.
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Building the Suite Life

Through brutal Michigan winters and sweltering Arkansas
summers, Student Suites has helped universities and
colleges develop on-campus student housing that meets their
timeline and fits their unique campus culture.

And that's been our mission since 1996: to bring the right
student housing solution to each of our clients.

Student housing is our business. It's our only business.

For each project, we gather a team of architects, local contractors, financial experts, and even your preferred partners. Together, we create innovative student housing that:
> offers your students a home away from home
> provides you with a strategic recruitment tool
> generates a profitable revenue stream

Whether you need 80 beds or 800, private or shared or maybe apartments, facility-wide Wi-Fi or centrally located computer labs, a fitness facility or a daycare center, or all of the above—Student Suites develops housing that fits your students' needs and prepares them for academic success.