Student Suites Student Suites - Innovative Student Housing
We get to know you, then we get to work.

Getting to know you
It starts with a simple conversation: we sit down and get to know you, your students, and your housing needs.

During this phase, we:
> Listen to your campus representatives and your school's needs
> Conduct focus groups to learn what your students want
> Visit your site
> Assess your amenities and technology needs
> Submit a formal proposal, which includes a financial feasibility study
> Conduct an environmental study
> Solidify the final design
> Determine the financing structure and source
> Identify subcontractors

Developing your project
Our projects can be fast tracked when time is critical and usually take about one year to complete—measured from our first visit to opening day. Our construction period takes approximately 9 to 10 months.

During that time, we:
> Draft plans and a final rendering for your marketing
> Establish weekly jobsite evaluations to inform your staff on the project's progress
> Order furniture, fixtures, and equipment
> Coordinate financing
> Complete construction and help you celebrate opening day
Development Process